Food Hampers/Christmas Concert

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Christmas Hampers

What are Christmas Hampers?

Since 1986, the FCSS has been collecting food from the community to prepare hampers for those in our community who are in need during the Christmas season. Christmas Hampers include food as well as small gifts for the children.

The Christmas Hamper drive began when a community member suggested having a Christmas concert with community participation. The idea of collecting food items for the needy as admission for the concert was carried.

How do you reach out to families in need?

Families are contacted through word of mouth, local media, advertising, through Social Services serving our area, and by public/personal referrals. All public referrals are contacted to ensure they do indeed wish to accept a hamper.

Letters are sent out to all Social Services serving County to request that they inform their clients within our county of the availability of hampers and deadlines.

Letters are sent out to all who contributed food items in the past, asking them to notify us if they are still interested in participating.

A deadline is set for calling in names for the hampers. This deadline is advertised as much as possible so we can make sure that every family who needs a hamper gets one.

Where do the food and gifts come from?

Goods are donated through the Christmas Concert, local area schools and other clubs/organizations. Receiving boxes are also placed in various businesses for anyone wishing to donate. The high school food donations are very generous thanks to competitions set up to see what class or local school donates the most.

What do the Christmas Hampers have in them?

Basic hampers consist of boxes of divided donated food, a turkey, a large bag of flour and sugar and a bag of gifts for the children, along with other bulk donations (such as potatoes from the Hutterites for each family).

toy drive boxDoes every member of the family get a gift?

No. Only children under the age of 18 are provided with a gift from Santa. Gifts are only for children living in the residence. Visiting children cannot be provided for.

Can a family receive more than one (1) hamper?

No. only one (1) hamper is provided per household.

When do the families pick up their Christmas Hampers?

All recipients are asked to pick up their hamper during prearranged times.

What if families want to remain anonymous?

Families may send a representative in their name if they wish to remain anonymous. Arrangements can be made with the director at

How do I apply for a Hamper?

  • by person
  • by phone

You will be asked some questions to assist in your hamper preparation.

Requests are accepted between Nov 16 to Dec 09.  Any requests received after Dec 09, are not guaranteed a hamper for the holiday season.