Two Hills & Area Coalition

Early Child Development Mapping Project (ECMap)

Albertans working together to help our young children reach their potential.  The early Child Development Mapping Project (ECMAP) is contracted by Alberta Education to help gather and analyze information and work with communities throughout Alberta.  ECMap is led by the Community-University Partnership for the Study of Children, Youth and Families (CUP) and is based at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.  For more information please go to or call 780-248-1574

Two Hills and Area Coalition 

The Coalition was formed in response to the Early Childhood Development Mapping Project (ECMap).  Our goal is to strengthen and enhance early childhood development.  Anyone interested in early childhood living or working in the County of Two Hills can access our services and programs.  The County of Two Hills Coalition has been awarded a $50, 000 grant to promote community support and resources for young children from birth to 5 years of age and their families. For more information please call 780-657-3540.  The five skill areas are:

·       Physical Health and Well Being – child is healthy, physically independent and has age-appropriate large and small muscle movement and coordination

·       Social Competence – child plays, gets along with others and shares; is self confident

·       Emotional Maturity – child is able to express emotions at an age-appropriate level and empathize with others

·       Language & Thinking Skills – child is interested in reading and writing, can count and recognize numbers and shapes

·       Communication Skills and General Knowledge – child can tell a story, can communicate ideas with adults and children

A big thank you to Lakeland Parent Link Network for providing most of the information about developmental stages in the links above. 

The projects we will be focusing on are:

1.  A mentoring project including junior high and high school students from the Mennonite School, the Two Hills School and Myrnam School with kindergarten and preschool children.

2.  Set up activities and information sessions with Mom and Tot groups within the county.

3.  Providing information about the importance of Early Childhood Development at Meet the Teacher Nights at New Myrnam School, Two Hills School, Two Hills Mennonite School and Two Hills Playschool.

4.  Create a directory of services and programs available to adults caring for children from 0 to 5 years of age

The County of Two Hills Coalition is dedicated to supporting families with preschool children ages 0-5.  Our goal is to enhance programs in our local communities that promote the building of early childhood development skills.