Income Related Benefits

Provides financial and health benefits to adult Albertans with a permanent severe disability who are unable to support themselves.

Under the Alberta Child Health Benefit, children in lower income families get free health benefits.  Coverage includes dental care, eyeglasses, perscription drugs, ambulance services and basic diabetic supplies.  Parents must apply to receive this benefit.  There is no cost to enroll.

Phone 310-0000 then (780)427-1432

Provides financial and health benefits and training to Albertans who do not have the means to support themselves.

If you are caring for a child that is not yours, financial help and medical benefits may be available.

Phone 310-0000 then ask to be connected to Child & Family Services Authority.

Many government departments provide support for children with disabilities.  To find out what supports and services are available, call the toll-free number.

Phone 310-0000 then (780)422-3004

The Family Law Information Centers provide you with information if you want to make a family law application and to help you learn about the Child Support Guidelines and other areas of family law.


Ph 310-0000 then dial (780)415-0404

Phone 310-0000 then (780)427-3044